A Rewards Program Just For You.

Welcome to The Kitchen Circle, a K-12 foodservice rewards program brought to you by Schwan's Foodservice. It's easy. It’s relevant. It’s generous. And it’s built just for you.

How It Works

We've designed The Kitchen Circle program to be simple to participate in.
Just follow these simple steps.

How It Works

Benefits & Enhancements

As a member of The Kitchen Circle, you can earn points with every purchase of qualifying products. As you collect points, simply redeem them for your choice of hundreds of rewards that will surely benefit your meal program.

The Details

Qualifying Products

Click here to see full list of eligible products.

You can earn points on every Schwan's K-12 product, including student-favorite lunch and breakfast brands such as Chef One®, Twin Marquis®, Big Daddy's®, Beacon Street Café, Minh®, and Tony's®.

Earning Points

To earn points, simply submit case claims within 60 days of the end of each quarter. Quarters are based on the school year. (July-September, October-December, January-March, April-June)

As a bonus, the more Schwan's products you deposit in The Kitchen Circle, the more points you earn. To learn how this works, click here

Submitting Claims

To submit claims in The Kitchen Circle, simply log in to your account at SchwansKitchenCircle.com, click "Submit New Claims," and follow the instructions. You can upload or mail in your distributor invoice/velocity report as proof of purchase. Claims must include school district name, distributor name, purchase date, product code, product description and # of cases.

Redeeming Points

To redeem points, shop for rewards here. Select the items you want, add them to your cart, and check out. We’ll ship your rewards directly to you at your district office.

Points Expiration

Points expire one year from the last date of the previous program year. For example, any points earned during the 2021-22 program year (7/1/2021-6/30/2022) will expire on 6/30/2023, regardless of the purchase date during that program year when the points were accrued.

2022-23 Program Changes


  • Earn points on MORE eligible products!
  • Now you can control how quickly you get a higher member level!
  • Level up! Buy more this year to get more next year!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kitchen Circle Member-Level Questions

What are the different member levels?

There are 3 member levels in The Kitchen Circle™, each based on the number of servings purchased per student based on enrollment. The higher servings per student earning higher membership level. *NOTE: Due to the impacts of COVID-19, member Levels are frozen for School Year 2022-23, unless your current year purchases earned you a Member Level increase.

What is my member level for the 2022-23 school year?
  • Your member level is displayed on the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • If you are a current member of The Kitchen Circle™, you will remain in the same level for this school year as you were for last year.
  • If you are a new member, you will start at the Classic level. Welcome!
How do I move up to the different levels?
  • Member levels are based on servings/student. The more cases you purchase, the higher your servings per student will be.
How is the number of servings calculated?
  • The number of servings per cases claimed through The Kitchen Circle between April-March will be totaled.
How are the servings per student calculated?
  • The number of servings per cases claimed on The Kitchen Circle program from April – March of the previous school year are totaled to determine the total servings purchased. That is then divided by the school district’s enrollment number for that school year to provide a Servings/Student calculation.
What happens to my current points for the 2022-23 school year?
  • Nothing, your points balance will remain the same.

General Account Questions

What products can I purchase to earn points in The Kitchen Circle?
  • All Schwan's K-12 lunch and breakfast products are eligible. Check out the full selection, including student-favorite brands like Big Daddy’s®, Beacon Street Café, Minh®, and Tony’s® here.
How do I claim cases to earn The Kitchen Circle points?

You can easily claim cases online or you can mail in claims each quarter to:

The Kitchen Circle
PO Box 68
Becker, MN 55308-0535

Submit your claims quarterly, within 60 days of the end of each quarter.

Why would my claim get declined?

  • Proof of purchase was not received.
  • Partial cases are not eligible.
  • Handwritten invoices are not acceptable as proof of purchase.
  • Invoices are not legible or are too faint to read.
  • More information is required to process submission.
  • Invoices are not dated within the correct time period.
  • The proof of purchase submitted does not clearly identify the product as Schwan’s Food Service. Brand name or Schwan’s Food Service product code needs to be included on the proof of purchase.
  • Claim was submitted after 60-day submission/postmark date.
  • Duplicate copies of invoices were submitted for credit.
  • The products claimed did not qualify for the program.

Where can I see what rewards are available to redeem with my points?
How many points do I need to redeem for rewards?
How long until I receive my merchandise?
  • Most rewards will arrive within 3 - 8 weeks. Large equipment items may vary.
Is there a person or customer service line I can talk to with questions?
How many contacts can be attached to my account?
  • As many as you like.
When do points expire?
  • Point expiration will be based on program year. For example, any points earned during the 2021-22 program year (7/1/2021-6/30/2022) will expire on 6/30/2023, regardless of the date during the program year the points were accrued.